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Writing Bonds

Irish and Galician Contemporary Women Poets


Manuela Palacios and Laura Lojo Rodriguez

Contents: Manuela Palacios/Laura Lojo: Poetry, Gender and Transnational Bonds: An Introduction – María Jesús Lorenzo-Modia/Cristina Fernández-Méndez: «Longer and Longer Sentences Prove Me Wholly Female»: Medbh McGuckian and Feminism(s) – Manuel Fernández-Rodríguez: Primitive Alchemy: Alienness in Olga Novo – Manuela Palacios: The Course of Nature: An Ecofeminist Reading of Contemporary Irish and Galician Women Poets – María Xesús Nogueira: Dolls, Princesses and Cinderellas: New Feminine Representations in Contemporary Galician Women’s Poetry – Laura Lojo: The Poetics of Motherhood in Contemporary Irish Women’s Verse – Carmen Blanco: Alicia in Galicia: Sex and Place – Mary O’Donnell: Irish Women and Writing: An Overview of the Journey from Imagination into Print, 1980-2008 – Luz Pichel: Pieces of Letters from My Bedroom – Laura Lojo: «Making Sense of Wilderness» through the Written Word: An Interview with Anne Le Marquand Hartigan – María Xesús Nogueira: Most Faithful Stories: An Interview with Luz Pozo-Garza.