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Private and Public Memory in Modern French Culture


Peter Collier, Anna Elsner and Olga Smith

Contents: Emma Wilson: Preface – Peter Collier/Anna Magdalena Elsner/Olga Smith: Introduction – Max Silverman: Trips, Tropes and Traces: Reflections on Memory in French and Francophone Culture – Ian James: Death, Memory, Subjectivity: Perec’s W, ou le souvenir d’enfance – Anna Magdalena Elsner: ‘L’obscénité absolue du projet de comprendre’: The Communicability of Traumatic Knowledge in Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah – Myriem El Maïzi: Marguerite Duras’ Poetics of Diversion: Memory, Forgetting and Invention – Jenny Murray: ‘La mort inachevée’: Writing, Remembering, and Forgetting in Assia Djebar’s Le Blanc de l’Algérie, La Disparition de la langue française and Nulle part dans la maison de mon père – Patrick O’Donovan: Memory as Object: A Relation of Proximity? – Catherine Crimp: Louise Bourgeois and Samuel Beckett: Space and the Materials of Memory – Olga Smith: ‘A Hollow Image of the Person’: Objects of Memory in the Art of Christian Boltanski – Ferzina Banaji: Rethinking Memory: The Violation of a ‘lieu de mémoire’ in Marcel Ophüls’ Le Chagrin et la pitié – Jennifer Burris: A Landscape of Amnesia: The Loss and Attempted Reconstruction of Memory in Artistic Representations of the Urban – Rositza Alexandrova: Things of Art: A Photographic Thumbing of the Nose – Katja Haustein: ‘La vie comme œuvre’: Barthes with Proust – Michèle Lester: Through the Looking Glass: Beckett’s Monologues, Jacques Lacan and the Role of Memory – Roger Cardinal: Joë Bousquet: Remembering a Wound – Thanh-Vân Ton-That: Anna Moï’s Riz Noir: A Feminine View of War, between Two Cultures – Amaleena Damlé: Phantasmal Relics: Psychoanalytical and Deconstructive Ghosts in Moi L’Interdite and Pagli by Ananda Devi – Jenny Chamarette: Memory, Representation of Time and Cinema – Nadine Boljkovac: Intimacy and Prophecy: Marker and Resnais’s Memories – Richard Armstrong: ‘«Nevers» … is just a word like any other’: The Failure of Words and the Wandering Woman in Hiroshima mon amour – Isabelle McNeill: Agnès Varda’s Moving Museums – Carol Mavor: A is for Alice, for Amnesia, for Anamnesis: A Fairy Tale called La Jetée.