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New Approaches to Crime in French Literature, Culture and Film


Louise Hardwick

Contents: Louise Hardwick: Introduction – Lisa Downing: Criminality, Sexuality, Abnormality: Nineteenth-Century Scientific Constructions – Emma Bielecki: Faking it: Representations of Art Forgery from the Second Empire to the Belle Epoque – Aurélie L’Hostis: Unchaining Memory in the French Caribbean – Lorna Milne: Who Done What? Marie Nimier’s Text Crimes – James Hanrahan: Literary Crime and Innovation against Punishment: Voltaire and the Censorship Authorities before 1750 – Jennifer Jahn: Colonial Crimes: Female Perspectives of the Colonial Legacy – Claire Gorrara: Dramatic and Traumatic: French Crime Fiction and the Reconstruction of France – Simon Kemp: ‘Le Roman Policier Par Excellence’: Narrative Perspective in Sébastien Japrisot and the Norms of the Crime Novel – Véronique Desnain: ‘L’histoire du crime’: The Crime Novels of Dominique Manotti – Fernando Stefanich: Crime and the Figuration narrative Movement: The Case of Jacques Monory – Deborah S. Reisinger: Writing Memory: Point Kilométrique 190 and the Grimzi Affair – Chong J. Wojtkowski: Bad Boys/Petits Frères: The Representation of Delinquency in Fais-moi des vacances.