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Perspectives on Language Learning Materials Development


Freda Mishan and Angela Chambers

Contents: Freda Mishan/Angela Chambers: Introduction – Jeanne McCarten/Michael McCarthy: Bridging the gap between corpus and course book: The case of conversation strategies – Fiona Farr/Angela Chambers/Stéphanie O’Riordan: Corpora for materials development in language teacher education: Underlying principles and useful data – Ivor Timmis: Teachers telling tales: Exploring materials for teaching spoken language – Brian Tomlinson: Helping learners to fill the gaps in their learning – Alexander Gilmore: Catching words: Exploiting film discourse in the foreign language classroom – Freda Mishan: Task and task authenticity: Paradigms for language learning in the digital era – Annie Hughes: Why should we make activities for young language learners meaningful and purposeful? – Jonathan Mason: Using ethnography to develop intercultural competence – Naeema Hann/Ivor Timmis/Hitomi Masuhara: ESOL materials: Practice and principles – Rubena St. Louis/Marta Trias/Silvia Pereira: Designing materials for a twelve-week remedial course for pre-university students: A case study.