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International Terrorism

A European Response to a Global Threat?


Dieter Mahncke and Jörg Monar

Contents: Dieter Mahncke: Introduction – Hanspeter Neuhold: International Terrorism. Definitions, Challenges and Responses – Edwin Bakker: Differences in Terrorist Threat Perceptions in Europe – Daniel Keohane: Implementing the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy. Intelligence, Emergencies, and Foreign Policy – Hans G. Nilsson: The EU Action Plan on Combating Terrorism. Assessment and Perspectives – Monica den Boer: Fusing the Fragments. Challenges for EU Internal Security Governance on Terrorism – Wyn Rees: International Cooperation in Counter-Terrorism. The Transatlantic Dimension and Beyond – Guy Haarscher: Balancing Security and Freedom in an Age of Terror – Jörg Monar: International Terrorism - A ‘European Response’ to a Global Threat?