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Canadian Environments

Essays in Culture, Politics and History


Robert C. Thomsen and Nanette L. Hale

Contents: Robert C. Thomsen/Nanette L. Hale: Introduction: Exploring Environments – Peter Irniq: Now That We Are Here – Melissa S. Williams: Sharing the River. Aboriginal Representation in Canadian Political Institutions – Hartmut Lutz: Unfit for the European Environment. The Tragedy of Abraham and Other Inuit from Labrador in Hagenbeck’s Völkerschau, 1880-81 – H. Peter Dörrenbächer: Steps to Indigenous Resource Co-Management. From the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement to the Agreement of a New Relationship – David Harding: Indigenous Self-Determination. Legitimising Claims to Sovereignty by First Nations Peoples – Patrik Lannto: The Promise and Threat of Civilisation. Native School Policies in Canada and Sweden in the 20th Century – Elin Elgaard/Clarice Blake Rudkowski: Down River – Mary Simon: Emerging Governance in the Circumpolar Region – David G. Haglund: From Counterweight to Linchpin? Musings on the Comparative ‘Continentalisation’ of Security and Defence Policy – Réjean Pelletier: Competing Identities and Values in Multinational Federations. The Case of Canada in Comparison – John Erik Fossum: Obsessed with Federalism? Three Evocative Metaphors of Canadian Politics – Sylvia Söderlind: Musings on the 49th Parallel – Noemi Gal-Or: Private versus Public International Justice. The Role of ADR in Global and Regional Economic Treaties – Helen E. H. Smith/Pamela Wakewich: ‘I Was Not Afraid of Work’. Female War Plant Employees and Their Work Environment – Jan O. Lundgren: Discovering a New Environment - for Pleasure. Canadian Northbound Tourism Development at Work – Peter J. Mitham: Fruit ‘for the Cold North’. Canada’s Russian Apple Trials, 1888-1908 – Christopher English: Taking on the Judges in Pre-Confederation Newfoundland. Peter Cashin, Lay Litigator – Susan Gold/Smith: Drawing Out of Context. Recent Paintings Combining Old World Scientific Specimens, North American Hunting Trophies, and an IKEA Wall Paper Pattern – Eugenia Sojka: From Cultural Homogeneity to Hybridity. Visions of Canadianness in Selected Visual Arts Projects – Patricia Vervoort: The Painted House. Domestic Environments.