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Europe and Global Economic Interdependence

Proceedings of a Conference organized by the College of Europe, Bruges, and the Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM), Athens


Léonce Bekemans and Loukas Tsoukalis

Contents: W. Ungerer: Preface - L. Tsoukalis: Introduction - Klaus F. Zimmermann: Industrial Restructuring, Unemployment and Migration - Patrick A. Messerlin: The Relevance of Trade Policy to Migration Policy - Federico Romero: The Need for a far-sighted Policy Response to Migration - Keith Pavitt/Margaret Sharp: Technology Policy in the 1990s: Old Trends and New Realities - Peter Smith: The Link between Technology and Industry Policies - Christian Stoffaës: High-Tech Industries in France: Between two organizational patterns - Leonard Waverman: Competition Policy in a Globalized World: Conflicts across Borders - William W. Lewis: Corporate Strategies Drive Globalization - Jacques Bourgeois: An Assessment of Global Corporate Strategies - Peter Holmes: Globalization: A Note of Caution - Jacques Pelkmans: Regionalism in World Trade: Vice or Virtue? Zdenek Drábek: Regionalism versus Multilateralism in World Trade: A response to a non-orthodox view - Emil Ems: Multilateralism and European Integration Hand in Hand? - Robert C. Hine: Regional Protectionism in Europe and the GATT System - Jean Dermine: Internationalization of Financial Markets, Efficiency and Stability - Rainer Masera: Is Competition among National Regulators enough? - John S. Flemming: Competition for Resources for Development, the Roles of Markets and International Institutions - Michael Van den Berghe: Assessment of the Role of International Capital Markets - Anthony Boote: Assessing Eastern Europe's Capital Needs? - Luigi Spaventa: Policy Coordination and the Management of Exchange Rates. Maastricht: The End of the «New EMS»? - Horst Ungerer: Contradictions and Paradoxes of the «New EMS» - George Alogoskoufis: The ECU, the International Monetary System and the Management of Exchange Rates - Charles Goodhart: The External Dimension of EMU - Benjamin Cohen: Critical Questions on the Future Role of the ECU - Susan Strange: The Importance of Power Factors in International Monetary Affairs - Horst Ungerer: Assessing some Perspectives - Richard Cooper: International Implications of a European Monetary Uion.