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European Integration from Rome to Berlin: 1957-2007

History, Law and Politics


Julio Baquero Cruz and Carlos Closa Montero

Contents: Julio Baquero Cruz/Carlos Closa: Foreword – N. Piers Ludlow: Value, Flexibility and Openness. The Treaty of Rome’s Success in Historical Perspective – Ricardo Martín de la Guardia: The Limits of Flexibility – Charles Powell: The Long Road to Europe. Spain and the European Community, 1957-86 – Jean-Victor Louis: Community Law Fifty Years On – Antonio Estella de Noriega: Community, Law, Diversity and Democracy – Stefan Collignon: Why Europe Needs a Political Union with Full Democracy – Carlos Mulas-Granados: Improvements in Economic Governance in the Lisbon Treaty – Jan Zielonka: How to Govern the Ever Larger European Union? – Svetlozar A. Andreev: Reflections on the Applicability of the Plurilateral Governance Model and Prospects for Further Theory-Building – Vassilis Hatzopoulos: Current Problems of Social Europe – Isabela Atanasiu: Some Reflections on the Role of the European Court of Justice in Relation to «Social Europe» – Carlos Closa: From Constitution to Treaty: Democratic Paradoxes and Clandestine Constitutional Politics in the EU – Julio Baquero Cruz: Between Unanimity and Utopia: Constitutional Change in the Union – Loïc Azoulai: The Future Constitutional Role of the European Court of Justice – Silvia Acierno: The Role of the European Court of Justice in a Pluralist Context – Meltem Müftüler-Baç: The European Union’s Legitimacy Crisis and the Final Frontiers of Europe.