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Canada Exposed / Le Canada à découvert


Pierre Anctil, André Loiselle and Christopher Rolfe

Contents/Contenu : Christopher Rolfe: Introduction. Canada Exposed – Christopher Rolfe : Introduction. Le Canada à découvert – Graham Fraser: Revealing the Unknown. The Challenge for Canadian Studies in the Era of 24-Hour News, Linguistic Duality and Cultural Diversity – Graham Fraser : Révéler l’inconnu. L’enjeu auquel font face les études canadiennes dans le contexte actuel d’information continue, de dualité linguistique et de diversité culturelle – Coral Ann Howells/Eva-Marie Kröller: Switching the Plot. From «Survival» to the «Cambridge History of Canadian Literature» – Danielle Schaub: Foreign Disclosure of a Blind Spot – Domenic Beneventi: Exposed to the Elements. Homelessness in Recent Canadian Fiction – Diana Covell: Who’s that Under the Hard Hat? Women into Steel in Canada and Australia – Krzysztof Jarosz : À l’ombre de la mort. Le suicide des jeunes dans Gazole de Bertrand Gervais – Anne De Stecher: Huron-Wendat Visual Culture. Source of Economic Autonomy and Continuity of Traditional Culture – Maria Fernanda Arentsen : L’identité exterritoriale dans le projet multiculturel du Canada, utopie… ? – Subhash Chandra: A Multiniched Haven. Lesbianism and Canadian Cultural Pluralism – Ana María Fraile: Exposing Blackness as Canadian (Literary) Identity. George Elliott Clarke’s George and Rue – Belén Martín-Lucas: On the «Dark Side of the Nation». Racialized Women’s Critique of Canadian Nationalism(s) – Florence Cartigny: Are Rural Communities in Saskatchewan the New Forgotten Solitudes? – Vincent Defraiteur : Les coulisses financières d’une large fédération – William Smith: Fluid Translations. Counter Torontos in David Bezmozgis’s Natasha and Other Stories and Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For – Serena Viola: Pedestrian Space Renewal in Montreal. Design Approaches for Social Integration – Andrea Terry: Canadian Heritage and Holidays. (De)Politicizing the Past in Historic Homes – Faye Hammill: John Glassco, Canadian Erotica, and the «Lying Chronicle» – Eva Darias-Beautell: A Descent into Local Splendour? Cultural Exposure in Timothy Taylor’s Stanley Park – Liliana Voiculescu : Une société à redéfinir. L’exemple de La traduction est une histoire d’amour de Jacques Poulin – Pilar Somacarrera: Exposed or Transposed? Translation and the Reception of English-Canadian Literature in Spain – María Jesús Hernáez Lerena: Visited Graves in Colonial Cemeteries. The Resurrections of Marguerite de Roberval.