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Resurgence in Jane Urquhart’s Œuvre


Héliane Daziron-Ventura and Marta Dvorák

Contents: Héliane Daziron-Ventura/Marta Dvořák: Introduction. Resurgence – Jane Urquhart: An Address – Catherine Lanone/Claire Omhovère: Mourning/Mocking Browning. The Resurgence of a Romantic Aesthetics in Jane Urquhart’s The Whirlpool – Ian Rae: The Resurgence of Poetry in Jane Urquhart’s The Whirlpool – Georges Letissier: Bront(ë)ology as Emotional Landscaping in Changing Heaven – Héliane Daziron-Ventura : Écrire le cri : résurgences figurales dans «Italian Postcards» – Marta Dvořák: When the Underpainting Shows Through: Jane Urquhart’s Resurgent Transmutations – Barbara Bruce: Collection, Canadian Nationalism, and Colonial Resurgences in Jane Urquhart’s Away – Marlene Goldman: Talking Crow: Jane Urquhart’s Away – Karis Shearer: Jane Urquhart, Arbiter of the Aesthetic – Neta Gordon: Intimate and Conditional. Artistic Gesture in Jane Urquhart’s False Shuffles, The Underpainter and A Map of Glass – Georgiana M. M. Colvile: Maps, Icons, and Other Specular Traces of the Unconscious in Jane Urquhart’s A Map of Glass – Christine Lorre: Reconstructing the Past Through Objects in A Map of Glass – Pilar Cuder-Domínguez: A Biography of Stones. Mourning and Mutability in Jane Urquhart’s A Map of Glass and Michael Redhill’s Consolation – The Persistence of Facts. A Discussion with Jane Urquhart.