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James Joyce: The Study of Languages

The Study of Languages


Dirk Van Hulle

Contents: Geert Lernout/Dirk Van Hulle: Introduction – Sam Slote: «Odd’s without Ends»: Raymond Queneau and the Twisted Language of the Wake – Finn Fordham: The Corrections to Finnegans Wake: For «reading» read «readings» (VI.H.4.b-2; JJA 63: 352) – Erika Rosiers/Wim Van Mierlo: Neutral Auxiliaries and Universal Idioms: Otto Jespersen in Work in Progress – Ingeborg Landuyt: The Revolution of Language: James Joyce and Cymbeline – Laurent Milesi: Supplementing Babel: Paget in VI.B.32 – Dirk Van Hulle: «Out of Metaphor»: Mauthner, Richards and the Development of Wakese – Gregory M. Downing: Diverting Philology: Language and its Effects in Popularised Philology and Joyce’s Work.