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American Foundations in Europe

Grant-Giving Policies, Cultural Diplomacy and Trans-Atlantic Relations, 1920-1980


Giuliana Gemelli and Roy MacLeod

Contents: Giuliana Gemelli/Roy MacLeod: Introduction – Susan Gross Solomon: ‘The Power of Dichotomies’: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Division of Medical Education, Medical Literature, and Russia, 1921-1925 – Aleksandra Witczak Haugstad/Erik Ingebrigtsen: National Policies and International Philanthropy: The Rockefeller Foundation and Polish and Hungarian Science between the World Wars – Kenneth W. Rose: American Foundations in Modern Turkey: The Rockefeller and Ford Foundations – Mark Clapson: The Ford Foundation and the Centre for Environmental Studies, 1966-1978 – Pierre-Yves Saunier: Ulysses of Chicago: American Foundations and Public Administration, 1900-1960 – Ludovic Tournès: Mass Communications and the Foundations: Rockefeller, Ford, and the Role of Radio, 1935-1964 – Oliver Schmidt: Networks of Patronage: American Foundations and the Origins of the Salzburg Seminar – Paul Weindling: Modernizing Eugenics: The Role of Foundations in International Population Studies – Giuliana Gemelli/Thomas Row: The Unexpected Effects of Institutional Fluidity: The Ford Foundation and the Shaping of the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center.