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Hybrid and Cyber War as Consequences of the Asymmetry

A Comprehensive Approach Answering Hybrid Actors and Activities in Cyberspace- Political, Social and Military Responses

Josef Schröfl, Bahram M. Rajaee and Dieter Muhr

Contents: David Leakey: Foreword – Alexander Siedschlag: Security Policy as an Analytical Approach – Harald Poecher: New types of war - challenges and implication for the global Armament Industry – Erik Bjurstroem: Hybridization as a Key Challenge to Established Categories, Perceptions and Rules of Engagement in Modern Warfare – Dieter Muhr/Andrea Riemer: Take off your Sunglasses: Hybridity and Cyber Warfare - Driving moments for Asymmetric Warfare – Fred Korkisch: Arioser an Hybrid War - Airpower’s Role in Hybrid War needs Clarification: The U.S. View – Kenneth Geers: Demystifying Cyber Warfare – Kurt Einzinger: Cyber Warfare 2.0 - The Undertow of the Internet – Walter Unger: Cyber War and the Protection of Strategic Infrastructure – Heiko Borchert/Felix Juhl: Securing Cyberspace: Building Blocks for a Public- Private Cooperation Agenda – Edwin Micewski: Cyber Warfare and Strategic Cultures - Information Technology and the Human Factor – Neno Malisevic: Options for Tackling Current and Future Cyber Threats – Guenther Barnet: Searching for a Comprehensive Approach - Responses to the Complex Security Challenges of the 21st Century – Adam D. Svendsen: Intelligence Liaison: An essential navigation tool – Thomas Pankratz/Hanns Matiasek: Developing a comprehensive understanding of Transnational Organized Crime by applying a constructivist approach – Helmut Habermayer: Hybrid Threats and a Possible Counter-Strategy – Sammi Sandawi: Back into the Fog: Hybrid Threats and the Future of Conflict – Josef Schroefl/Bahram Rajaeed/Dieter Muhr: Summary and Outlook.