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Migration, Narration, Communication

Cultural Exchanges in a Globalised World


Alicja Witalisz

Contents: Christoph Houswitschka: Literary views on cosmopolitanism in Europe – Pilar Cuder-Domínguez: Masculinities and intergenerational strife in recent Black British fiction – Dorota Milhułka: «I am a woman cracked by multiple migrations» - the search for self through space in the works by South Asian American women writers – Monika Wojdan: Latino identity in the poetry of Emanuel Xavier – Beata Piątek: Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn: emigration as double life – Dorota Rygiel: When the West becomes the Home: the portrayal of Bangladeshi immigrants in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane – Simona Hevešiová: Unaccustomed Earth: generation at the crossroads – Patrycja Austin: Multilingual India in Amit Chaudhuri’s Afternoon Raag and Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy – Christie Davies: How jokes migrate and how they change as they migrate – Joanne Paisana: Anglo-Portuguese colonial rivalry in late nineteenth-century Africa: visual commentary in contemporary satirical journals – Anna T. Litovkina/Dóra Boronkai: Appreciation of humor in Anglo-American and Hungarian anti-proverbs – Megan Case: Experiences of idiolect change among English speakers in Sweden – Alicja Witalisz: Linguistic globalisation - a contribution to linguistic homogenisation or the creation of linguistic difference? – Marcin Zabawa: The influence of English on international Internet slang – Clare Vassallo: Roses by different names - do they smell as sweet?: style, status and invisibility in literary translation – Colin Swatridge: Does the Erasmus Programme foster a European identity?