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Achievements and Perspectives in SLA of Speech: New Sounds 2010

Volume II


Magdalena Wrembel, Malgorzata Kul and Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kolaczyk

Contents: Rana Alhussein Almbark: Production and perception of SSBE vowels by Syrian Arabic speakers – Elena Babatsouli/Ioanna Kappa: Transfer of Greek palatals in L2 English – Juli Cebrian: Cross-linguistic perception of diphthongs by Spanish/Catalan speakers and English speakers – Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk/Daria Zielińska: Universal phonotactic and morphonotactic preferences in second language acquisition – James E. Flege/Ian R. A. MacKay: What accounts for «age» effects on overall degree of foreign accent? – Natalia Fullana/Ian R. A. MacKay: L2 fluency in the production of English extemporaneous speech by Catalan/Spanish bilinguals – Jane F. Hacking: The production of palatalized and unpalatalized consonants in Russian by American learners – Tetsuo Harada: Diminutive long-term effects of early immersion on L2 segmental timing in adulthood – Haisheng Jiang: Effect of L2 phonetic learning on the production of L1 vowels: A study of Mandarin-English bilinguals in Canada – Nuria Kaufmann/Martin Meyer/Stephan Schmid: Serbian affricates contrasts in foreign language perception investigated by means of a neurophysiological experiment – Romana Kopečková: Learning vowel sounds in a migrant setting: The case of Polish children and adults in Ireland – Nancy C. Kula: Revisiting final-devoicing in the L2 acquisition of final voicing contrasts – Wander Lowie: Early L2 phonology: A dynamic approach – Irina Marinescu: How native dialect shapes non-native perception: Peninsular and Cuban listeners of English – Joan C. Mora/James L. Keidel/James E. Flege: Why are the Catalan contrasts between /e/-/ε/ and /o/-/ɔ/ so difficult for even early Spanish-Catalan bilinguals to perceive? – Thorsten Piske/James E. Flege/Ian R. A. MacKay/Diane Meador: Investigating native and non-native vowels produced in conversational speech – Monika Połczyńska/Marta Marecka: First and second language phonological processes in clinical populations – Adèle-Elise Prévost/Heather Goad/Karsten Steinhauer: Prosodic transfer: An event-related potentials approach – Laurent Rasier/Philippe Hiligsmann/Johanneke Caspers/Vincent J. van Heuven: Accentual marking of information status in Dutch and French as foreign languages: Production and perception – Arkadiusz Rojczyk: Production and perception of vowel /æ/ by Polish learners of English – Minnaleena Toivola/Mietta Lennes/Jenni Korvala/Eija Aho: A longitudinal study of speech rate and pauses in non-native Finnish – Eleni Tsiartsioni: An acoustic analysis of L2 English speech rhythm among Greek children and adolescents – Verónica del Carmen Villafaña Rojas: On the acquisition of English stress by Spanish native speakers – Steven H. Weinberger/Stephen A. Kunath: A computational model for accent identification – Mehmet Yavaş: The role of sonority in the acquisition of interlanguage coda clusters – Paulina Zydorowicz: The retrieval of potentially morphologically complex clusters in English and Polish.