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Obama and the Bomb

The Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons


Heinz Gärtner

Contents: Heinz Gärtner: A World Free of Nuclear Weapons? – Mohamed ElBaradei: Reviving Nuclear Disarmament – Hans Blix: Can Nuclear Proliferation be Prevented and Disarmament Achieved? – P. Terrence Hopmann: The Debate in the U.S.: Towards Obama’s Vision of a World without Nuclear Weapons – Alexander Kmentt: The CTBT: Has Its Time Come? – Tom Sauer: Lessons Learned by President Obama: President Clinton’s Failed Nuclear Posture Review – Linda Michalech: Continuity or Change: The Nuclear Posture Reviews of George W. Bush and Barack Obama – Marco Roscini: Negative Security Assurances in the Protocols Additional to the Treaties Establishing Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones – Kari Möttölä: Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe - A Case in Indigenous Arms Control? – Hakan Akbulut: Regional Implications of a Nuclear Armed Iran - The Turkish Matrix – Magdalena Skrzypczyk: The Nuclear Hypocrisy – Markus Kornprobst/Charlotte Spencer-Smith: Beyond the Prague Agenda: Reconsidering the Legitimacy of the Non-proliferation Regime – Wolfgang Bednarzek: Nuclear Verification and National Sovereignty – Simon Tauer: Preventing the Spread of Nuclear Weapons to Non-State Actors: UN Security Council Resolution 1540 and the Long Way towards Full Implementation – Markus Woltran: The Proposals for a Multilateral Fuel Bank – Heinz Gärtner: Non-Proliferation, Disarmament and Engagement.