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Religions in the Public Spheres


Tadeusz Buksinski

Contents: Tadeusz Buksiński: Preface – Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann: How Religion re-entered the Public Political Sphere. A Western Approach – Maciej Zieba OP: Seven Theses on Religion, Democracy and Open Society – Wilhelm Gräb: Each One Is a Particular Case. Aspects of the Transformation of Christianity in Global Modernity – John Farina: Hobbes and the Reconsideration of Secularist Assumptions – Manuel Jiménez-Redondo: Religion in the Public Sphere. Remarks on the Habermas-Ratzinger Debates – Bart Labuschagne: Towards a New Relationship between the Private, Public and Sacred Domains – Jänis (John) Tālivaldis Ozoliņš: A Christian Perspective on the Consumer Society – Tadeusz Buksiński: Cultural Libertarianism – Karolina M. Cern/Piotr W. Juchacz: Post-Metaphysically Constructed National and Transnational Public Spheres and Their Content – Miklós Tomka: Strengthening Solidarity and Civil Society - Religion’s Social Role in Post-Communist Societies – Sergey Nizhnikov: The Problem of the Status of Religion in Russian Society Today – Gennadii Korzhov: Church, Religion and Religious Identity in Post-Atheist Ukraine – Yaroslav Pasko: On the Specificity of Religious Life in Ukraine – Mihaela Pop: Religious Art and its Deviated Forms in Romania during the Transition from the Communist Regime – Edward Joseph Alam: Religion in the Public Sphere: What the World can still learn from Lebanon – Mohammed Maarouf: The Cultural Foundations of Islamist Leadership in Morocco – Paulo C. João Faria: Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit to Angola: An Opportunity of Truth-Telling and Revival of the Public Sphere – Ibrahim Azhar: Malay-Muslim Religious Discourse in Singapore: The Assertions of Religious Elites in the Public Sphere – Mehdi Sanaei: Globalism and Religions – Yuriy M. Pochta: Muslim Society between Fundamentalism and Liberalism: the Problem of Civil Society – Edwin George: Indian Polity and the Implications of Indian Democratic Secular Attitude – Seema Bose: Religions in the Public Sphere: Some Considerations in the Indian Context – Xiao Li: On the Significance of the Christian Religion to the Construction of the Chinese Public Sphere – Ulrich Steinvorth: The Conception of God in Physical Cosmology and Rational Metaphysics – Valery P. Goryunov: Religions and Science: Overcoming Alternatives in a Relativistic Model of Society – Evanghelos Moutsopoulos: Artistic Creativity: An Immanent Value Reflecting Transcendence – Erwin Bader: The Beatitudes. This Reforming of Practical Reasoning Could Overcome the Crisis of Secular Societies – Michał T.J. Katafiasz: Full Democracy System - a Legal System Contributing to the Welfare of All People.