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Artistic Innovations and Cultural Zones


Ingrid Ciulisová

Contents: Larry Silver: Leonardo in the Lowlands – Michael W. Kwakkelstein: Leonardo da Vinci’s Recurrent Use of Patterns of Individual Limbs, Stock Poses and Facial Stereotypes – Jeffrey Chipps Smith: What Dürer Missed in Venice – Giovanni Maria Fara: Albrecht Dürer and Venice in the Sixteenth Century – Till-Holger Borchert: Memling und Italien – Maria Clelia Galassi: The Reception of Italian Art in the Paintings of Jan Massys – Ingrid Ciulisová: Rogier van der Weyden and Veit Stoss and Their Two followers – Mark Evans: Hybrid Styles. The Historiography of Artistic Dialogue between Italy and the North 1440 – 1520 – Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann: What is German about the German Renaissance?