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«How Do We Know They Know?»

A conversation about pre-service teachers learning about culture and social justice

R. Deborah Davis, Arcenia London and Barbara Beyerbach

Contents: R. Deborah Davis/Barbara Beyerbach: Introduction – Pat Russo/Anne Fairbrother: Teaching for Social Justice Pre-K-12: What Are We Talking about? – Tania Ramalho/Barbara Beyerbach: Introducing Globalization and Sustainability Issues in Teacher Education: Impact of Two Courses in a Social Justice-Oriented Program – Shirley Wells/Bruce Long Peng: Understanding Institutional Injustices: A Case Study of Pre-service Teachers – Virginia MacEntee: Can We Know If They Know and How Do We Know They Know? – Dennis Parsons: Bodies in Motion/Narratives in Transformation: Negotiating Pre-Service Teachers’ Writings on Urban Life and Teaching as Interns in NYC – Roberta Schnorr/Amanda Fenlon: What Really Matters for Students with Disability Labels: Preparing Special Educators to Lead – Sharon Kane: Teaching Social Justice in a «Non-Shoving Too Much Information Down Your Throat Kind of Way» – Mary Harrell: Social Justice Teaching: Being Fully Present In Relationship – Barbara Beyerbach/Marcia Burrell/Beverly Cosey/Jan Perry Evenstad/Delores Grayson/Dennis Parsons/Tania Ramalho: Assessing the Impact of GESA (Generating Expectations for Student Achievement) on Teachers, Preservice Teachers, and K-12 Students – Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner/Michelle Erklenz-Watts/Jim Wood: What’s Knowledge Got to Do with It?: Epistemology in Diversity and Social Justice Education.