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Communicating Colonialism

Readings on Postcolonial Theory(s) and Communication


Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPré

Contents: Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre: Communicating Colonialism: An Introduction – Raka Shome/Radha S. Hegde: Postcolonial Approaches to Communication: Charting the Terrain, Engaging the Intersections – Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre: Portraying the Political: National Geographic’s 1985 Afghan Girl and a US Alibi for Aid – Marouf Hasian, Jr./Nicholas S. Paliewicz: Ornamentalism, Critiques of Orientalism, and the Rising Power of Neo-colonial or Recolonization Rhetorics – Kevin D. Kuswa/Kevin J. Ayotte: Wor(l)ds on Fire: Postcolonial Rhetorics of Violence – Derek Buescher: Exceptional Torture: Torture Imagery as Neocolonial Rhetoric – Kate Ranachan/Helen Morgan Parmett: Selling Players for Pride & Profit: Sporting Labour, Neoliberalism, and Postcolonialism in Brazil – Kent A. Ono: Wishing Colonialism Away: Avatar’s Post-colonial Fantasy – Casey Ryan Kelly: Strange/Familiar: Rhetorics of Exoticism in Ethnographic Television – Amardo Rodriguez/Devika Chawla: Family Communication in Postcolonial Discourse – Kalyani Chadha/Michael Koliska/Anandam Kavoori: Post Colonial Insights as Lens: Interrogating the Discourse of New Media Technologies – Radhika Gajjala/Dinah Tetteh/Franklin Yartey: Digital Subaltern 2.0: Communicating with, Financing, and Producing the Other through Social Media.