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Linguistic Perspectives on Black English


Philip A. Luelsdorff

Contents: Competence and Performance in Child Black English, Susan H. Houston - On the Beginnings of Black English in the New World, Joey L. Dillard - Black American English: Independent Motivation for the Auxiliary Hypothesis, Marvin D. Loflin - Some Principal Rules of Black English Phonology, Philip A. Luelsdorff - Uncle Sam's Library or Life among the Stacks, Mary-Louise Kean - Sociolinguistics and Context-Dependence, Bernard A. Mohan - Teaching Blacks to Read aganinst Their Will, William A. Stewart - Dialect Mixture and Sorting out the Concept of Freshman English Remediation, Daisy Crystal - Freshman English Applications of Current Research in Black English, Burr Angle - The Interinstitutionality of Black Studies with English Literature, and Anthropology, John B. Mack III.