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The Dynamics of Emerging Ethnicities

Immigrant and indigenous ethnogenesis in confrontation

Johan Leman and Johan Leman

Ethnicity is the subject of this collection of studies. The first question is whether or not, in an era criss-crossed with processes of transnational migrations, increasingly common migration-linked ethnicities differ essentially from traditional indigenous ones. Secondly, at a time when secularisation is a key feature of the globalisation and upscaling that have become paradigms for efficient future management, to what extent are counter-movements generally sparked off, sustained and advanced by religious (and to a lesser extent linguistic) emblems and structures. These questions are dealt with by means of a series of field studies among mediterranean immigrants, chinese and christian turkish refugees. The findings are compared with indigenous ethnogenesis in Transsylvania and in Spain, focussing on past christian-muslim relations and confrontations in these areas.
Contents: Mediterranean Immigrant Ethnicities – KMT Chinese in Northern Thailand – Ethnicity, Language and Religion of the Suryoye – Ethnicity and Historicity in Transylvania – ‘Biological’ Christianity and Ethnicity in Spain – Indigenous and Immigrant Ethnicity – Supra-ethnic processes.