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Faith and Fiction

Interdisciplinary Studies on the Interplay between Metaphor and Religion- A Selection of Papers from the 25th LAUD-Symposium of the Gerhard Mercator University of Duisburg on 'Metaphor and Religion'


Benjamin Biebuyck, René Dirven and John Ries

Contents: Benjamin Biebuyck: Faith or Fiction? Introduction - Anna Wierzbicka: The Meaning of Jesus' Parables. A Semantic Approach to the Gospels - Willem J. Botha: The Love Frame in the Bible. A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis - Tamás Szende: Upside-down Metaphors of 'Father'. The Case of Hungarian Oaths and Invective Formulas - Mualla Selçuk: The Use of Metaphors in Islamic Education - Lieve Orye: Two Faces of Religious Metaphor. Investigating the Problematic Dialogue between Religious Studies and Theology - Kristoffel Demoen: Metaphor and the Ancient Trinitarian Debate. Analogical Language in the Theological Orations of Gregory Nazianzen - John Ries: Faith Seeking Words. Metaphor and Kierkegaard's Silentio - Benjamin Biebuyck: Nietzsche's Curse on Christianity. Explorations of the Power of Creative Metaphor - Purificación Ribes: The Pregnancy of Metaphor. Multi-layered Figuration in John Donne's Batter my Heart - Peter Grundy: And the Analogy was to God. Propositional Meaning and Linguistic Form in Gerard Manley Hopkins's The Windhover.