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Spaces and Crossings

Essays on Literature and Culture in Africa and Beyond


Rita Wilson and Carlotta von Maltzan

Contents: Rita Wilson/Carlotta von Maltzan: Introduction – Vincent Hope: The Perception of Space – William E. Engel: The Space of Translation – Loes Nas: ‘Algebra and Fire’: Doubles, Labyrinths and Chaos in the Later Barth – Gerhard van der Linde: Mapping the Spaces of Investigation – David Coughlan: Situated Intertextuality: Networks, Borders and the Space of Literature – Derek Duncan: The Little Boys Room: Pasolini’s Approach to Homosexuality – James McCorkle: Gender, Text and Space in J.M. Coetzee’s Fiction – Brenda Schmahmann: Woman in Nature - Woman as Nature: George Segal’s Interrogation of a Traditional Theme – Alexander Moore: Measuring the Present, Making Imperial Space – Louise Viljoen: Revisiting the Baobab: Transforming Space into Place in Wilma Stockenström’s The Expedition to the Baobab Tree – Elsie Cloette: Telling and Re-telling Kenya: Another Look at Women’s Autobiography – Johan U. Jacobs: Allegorical Spaces and Actual Places in Postcolonial Novels – Lucy Frost: Terra Nullius and Australia’s Vanishing Bodies – Hermann Wittenberg: Ruwenzori: Imperialism and Desire in African Alpinism – Alida Poeti: Redefining Cultural Spaces: African Voices in Italy – Lekan Oyegoke: Aesthetic Juggling: Spatiality, Temporality and Postcoloniality in African Writing – Ann Smith/Claudia Mitchell: Reading Adolescence as (more than) a Literary Space in some Southern African Fiction – Bert Olivier: Discourse, Space and Violence – Helen Kapstein: Allegories of Space: The Question of Robben Island – Ileana Dimitriu: A New Sense of Social Space: Gordimer’s Civil Imaginary – Jill Daugherty: A Comparison of the Use of Space in Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi and Jane Taylor’s Ubu and the Truth Commission.