Literary and Cultural Theory

Editors: Wojciech Kalaga

The objective of the Literary and Cultural Theory series is to publish works, collections of articles, and conference proceedings which aim at transgressing boundaries of single disciplines and at creating common space within which themes and methodologies of those single disciplines merge and contribute to the production of a novel approach to culture, literature, and philosophy. Within thus conceived area of the humanities we place particular emphasis on: first, interdisciplinarity (both in terms of topics and methodology) and, secondly, on theoretical (or theorizing) approach, i.e., an approach which not only aims at describing cultural and literary phenomena, but also at revealing their mechanisms and multiple interrelationships, visible sometimes only when boundaries of disciplines are transgressed, and when areas of overlap are identified. Those priorities do not exclude publication of volumes within what has traditionally been considered the realm of literary studies, as long as the critical and theorizing attitude is maintained.
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