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Social Justice in a Market Economy


Hermann Sautter and Rolf Schinke

Contents: Hermann Sautter/Rolf Schinke: Foreword – Hermann Sautter: «Social Justice» - its Meaning and its Implementation in a Market Economy – Rolf Schinke: Indicators of Social Justice in Latin America: A Matter of Concern? – Hans Jürgen Rösner: The Institutional Framework of a Social Market Economy – Knut Gerlach: Harmonizing Equity with Growth: The Role of Educational Policy – J.-Matthias Graf von der Schulenburg: Harmonizing Equity with Growth: The Role of Health Policy – Klaus Liebig: Ongoing Reforms of Latin American Health Systems: Can Market-Oriented Reforms Help to Solve the Problem? – Peter Rühmann: The German Labor Market Institutions - Will They Meet the Demand of Globalization and Europeanization? – Winfried Schmähl: Old-Age Security: Design and Effects of Pension Schemes: Some Basic Aspects – Hermann Sautter: «Social Justice» in a Market Economy - Some Results of the Discussion.