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Environmental Careers, Environmental Employment and Environmental Training

International Approaches and Contexts


Walter Leal Filho

Contents: Lucy McAuley/Lisa Looney: Experiences of Women Engineers in Ireland – Walter Leal Filho: Fostering Employment in the Environment Sector in Europe: Results of the German Survey – Joachim Loeper/Norbert Juraske: Continuing Education in the Environmental Sciences - Experience in Distance Education – Ursula Klaschka: Six Suggestions on How to Improve Environmental Education at Universities of Applied Sciences – Rod S. Barratt: Environmental education at a distance - Producing practical problem solvers – Petr Šauer: Minor Specialisation: Good Opportunities for Environmentally Profiled Graduates from an Economics University – Katarina Larsen/Walter Leal Filho/Folke Snickars: Approaches to environmental growth and development - experiences from the project Competence Centres on the Environment – Harald A. Mieg: Professionalization and Professional Activities in the Swiss Market for Environmental Services – Roger H. Bezdek: The Environmental Protection Industry and Environmental Jobs in the U.S.A. – Walter Leal Filho: Environmental Management, Employment and Economic Growth - An analysis of trends in Europe.