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Consumption and the Post-Industrial City


Frank Eckardt and Dieter Hassenpflug

Contents: Frank Eckardt: Consumption and the Post-Industrial City (Introduction) – Dieter Hassenpflug: City and Consumption – Derek Wynne/Justin O’Connor: Consumption and the Postmodern City – Sako Musterd: Four pictures of the Post-Industrial City – François Ascher: The Third Urban Revolution of Modernity – John Clammer: Culture and Consumption in the Post-Industrial City – Louise Nyström: Quality of Urban Life in Europe in the 21st Century – Anna Karwiñska: Social and Spatial Transformations in Polish Cities at the Beginning of the 21st Century – Iskara Dandolova: Deurbanisation in Bulgaria: Challenges of Transition and Sustainable Development – Maria Manuela Mendes: Cities «Archipelago» in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon – Steven Miles: Consuming Cities; Consuming Youth: Young People’s Lifestyles and the Appropriation of Cultural Space – Pase Mäenpää: Cultural Urbanisation of Helsinki: consumption, mobile phones and new ideal of planning – Martina Boese: Manchester’s Cultural Industries: A Vehicle of Racial Ex-/Inclusion? – Isabelle Fremeaux/David Garbin: «Community», Multi-culturalism and the Diasporic Negociation of Space and Identity in the East End of London – José Mapril: Transnational Jade Formations of the Translocal Practices of Chinese Immigrants in a Lisbon Innercity Neighbourhood – Svetlana Tchervonnaia: The Moscow of the 21st Century - Ethnic and Confessional Colour of a Post-industrial City – Albrecht Göschel: Local Community Identity Policy - Market Strategy, Cultural Education or the Home of the Citizens? – Malcolm Miles: Consuming Culture: Affluence and Social Space in the New Barcelona – Carlos J. L. Balsas: The Return to Downtown - Initial Reflections on the European Capital of Culture, Porto 2001 – Volker Kirchberg: Manifest and Latent Functions of Museums in the Post-Industrial City: A Taxonomy – Lucyna Nyka: Recycling Gdańsk’s Urban Spaces: the Processes Supporting the Identity of the City – Mija Bajic Brkovic: E-Communication and E-Services in Urban Management: Current Trends and Development Perspectives in Yugoslav Cities.