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Military Pedagogy – An International Survey


Heinz Florian

Contents: Leif G. Schunk/Lars Nielsson: Danish Approach to Military Pedagogy – André J. van Ree: Towards a Military Pedagogy. A Survey on the Prospects and Characteristics of Military Pedagogy in the Netherlands – Heinz Florian: Military Pedagogy - a Pragmatic Approach – Uwe Hartmann: Military Pedagogy in a Changing World - a German View – Jarmo Toiskallio: Cyborgs and Humans. Two Paradigms of Military Pedagogy – Kadir Varoglu/Yavuz Ercil: The Impact of National Culture on Military Pedagogy – Micola I. Neschadim: Philosophy of Modern Military Education in Ukraine – Peter A. Mattson: The Rise of Military Pedagogy. A Study of the Swedish Military Pedagogy of the 1920s – Rudolf Egger: Trying to Square the Circle. The New Tasks of the Armed Forces from a Pedagogical Point of View – J.D. Fletcher/John E. Morrison: Cognitive Readiness – Wolfgang Royl: Military Identity under Pedagogical Implications – Yavuz Ercil/Kadir Varoglu: Mental Models and Learning Processes – Hubert Annen: Action Research as a Method for Scientific Thinking and Acting in Military Pedagogy – Eero Ropo: Theory of Expertise and Some Thoughts on its Implications for Military Pedagogy – Outi Kallioinen: The Development of Officers’ Educational Expertise.