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Accents and Speech in Teaching English Phonetics and Phonology

EFL perspective


Ewa Waniek-Klimczak and Patrick James Melia

Contents: John Wells: Accents in Britain today – Joanna Przedlacka: Early New Estuary English? Its contemporary background – Dorota Głowacka: Yod-palatalisation in English in Natural Phonology – Przemysław Ostalski: (Non)Rhoticity in optimality theory (categorical rules, free variation and fuzzy ranking of constrints) – Joanna Przedlacka: Glottaling in the teenage speech of the Home Counties – Janina Ozga/Anna Mańkowska: Students’ awareness of the socio-symbolic values of RP – Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołączyk: Conscious competence of performance as a key to teaching English – Jan Majer: ‘In French is six millions docks.’ Where error, please? – Jolanta Szpyra: In defence of ‘practical’ phonology – Ewa Waniek-Klimczak: Context for Teaching English Phonetics and Phonology – Jan Majer: Sick or seek? Pedagogical phonology in teacher training – Włodzimierz Sobkowiak: English speech in Polish eyes: What university students think about English pronunciation teaching and learning – Peter Roach: Studying rhythm and timing in English speech: Scientific curiosity, or a classroom necessity? – Višnja Josipović: The Prosody of English spoken with a Croatian accent – Anna Bączkowska: Intonation patterns and turn-taking – Ewa Waniek-Klimczak: How to predict the unpredictable - English word stress from a Polish perspective – Robert Lew: Differences in the scope of obstruent voicing assimilation in learners’ English as a consequence of regional variation in Polish – Klementina Jurancic Petek: How to do it to do it right (?) Is near native-like pronunciation teachable/learnable? – Chris Defty/Barbara Nowak/Agnieszka Pietrzak: Teaching pronunciation to Polish primary and secondary school learners of English – Natalia Mamul: Micro-narratives in face-to-face interaction – Magdalena Deska: The perception of English sounds by Polish speakers – Anna Bączkowska: Some issues concerning modular and connectionist approaches to speech processing and production – Małgorzata Baran: The advantage of auditory perceivers and sharpeners in learning foreign language pronunciation – Kamila Ciepiela: Acquisition of the phonological system in childhood developmental aphasia.