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Society as Semiosis

Neostructuralist Theory of Culture and Society


Risto Heiskala

Contents: Critique of Action Theory and Phenomenological Sociology: Meaning and Rational Action in Weber’s Sociology – Quarrelling Heirs: Parsons and Schutz – Meaning and Intentional Acts: Schutz’s Phenomenological Sociology – Ethnomethodology: Garfinkel’s Reconstruction of Schutz and Parsons – From Intentional Action to Structuralism – Neostructuralist Theory of Culture: Saussure’s Structuralism Reconstructed – The Specificity of the Saussurean Approach – Neostructuralist Semiotics – Towards a Neostructuralist Social Theory: The Levels of Cultural Analysis – Beyond the Culture/Society Split – Symbolic Signs, Socialization, and the Sacred – Power – Conclusion.