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Commonality and Individuality in Academic Discourse


Maurizio Gotti

Contents: Maurizio Gotti: Introduction – Ken Hyland: Constraint vs Creativity: Identity and Disciplinarity in Academic Writing – Paul Thompson: Shared Disciplinary Norms and Individual Traits in the Writing of British Undergraduates – Keith Richards: A Hard Act to Follow: Conference Debate and Student Argument – Laurie Anderson/Nicki Hargreaves/Nicky Owtram: Manifesting Identity in Situated Academic Writing: Institutional Factors and Individual Orientations in Writing by Post-graduate Students in an English as a Lingua Franca Context – Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli: Collective and Individual Identities in Business Studies Lectures – Marina Bondi: Writing Economic History: The Narrator and the Arguer – Carmen Pérez-Llantada: Shifting Identities, Textual Responses and Conflicting Demands in Knowledge Construction Processes – Franca Poppi: How Stable is the Construction of an Author’s Professional Identity? Variations in Five Editions of P.A. Samuelson’s Economics – Susan Kermas: Disentangling the Gardening Metaphor in Kate Burridge’s Language Studies – Thomas Christiansen: The Creation of Evolution: Religion and Science in the Lexis and Conceptual Frames of the Works of Charles Darwin – Maurizio Gotti: Aspects of Individuality in J.M. Keynes’ General Theory – Martin Solly: Using Language to Shape Identity in Academic Discourse: The Case of Disclaimers and Provisos – Sara Gesuato: Evaluation Guidelines: A Regulatory Genre Informing Reviewing Practices – William Bromwich: Identity, Anonymity and Appraisal: Discourse Processes in Double-Blind Peer Review – Sandra Campagna: Projecting Visual Reasoning in Research Conference Presentations.