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The Poetics of the Margins

Mapping Europe from the Interstices


Rossella Riccobono

Contents: Rossella Riccobono: Introduction – Ubaldo Riccobono: ‘Isle-solitudes’ and European Archaeologies in Leonardo Sciascia – Marina Spunta: Escaping the World and Returning to the ‘Province’ in Claudio Piersanti’s Fiction – Rossella Riccobono: Pier Vittorio Tondelli between Europe and Emilia: Centre and Margins in Camere separate – Margherita Sprio: Migrant Translations: Matarazzo Remembered – Eleni Papargyriou: Centralising the Marginal, Marginalising the Central: Panos Karnezis’s Prose Fiction – Kate Roy: Re-membering Hetereogeneous Histories: How the Writing of Emine Sevgi Özdamar and Leïla Sebbar Reinscribes the Other in a ‘European’ Past – Cristina Johnston: Reshaping Identities: Marseille and the Mediterranean Onscreen – Claudia Nocentini: Laura Pariani and the Value of Experience – Raquel Ribeiro: Marginal, Nomadic and Stateless: Pessoa, Musil and Kafka in the Works of Maria Gabriela Llansol.