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Urbanism and Globalization


Frank Eckardt and Dieter Hassenpflug

Contents: Dieter Hassenpflug: Germany, Weimar and the Bauhaus: A Micro-Analysis of Globalization – Frank Eckardt: Urbanism and Globalization: Introduction – Peter Hall: European cities in a global world – Olga Mrinska: Ukrainian Cities as a Gateway to the Global Innovative Economy – Mark Jayne: Globalization and third-tier cities: the European experience – Peter Marcuse: The Dark Side of Really Existing Globalization – Margarida Marques/Rui Santos: Welfare and Immigrants’ Inclusion in a Context of Weak Civil Society: Associations and local politics in Oeiras (Lisbon) – Lionel Arnaud/Gilles Pinson: Shaping the identity and mobilising the «ethnic capital» in three European cities – Leeke Reinders: Baby Bronks: Place and Identity in a Parisian Banlieue – Tuomas Martikainen: The houses of foreign gods – John Eade: Living the globalising city: globalisation in the context of European urban development – Jana Temelová/Hedvika Hrychová: Globalisation, Eyes and Urban Space: Visual Perception of Globalising Prague – Carl Fingerhuth: Learning from «CHINA» or Urban design beyond modern time – Paul Kennedy: Linking the local and the global: transnational architects in a globalizing world – Alexander Tölle: Large-Scale Urban Waterfront Developments as an Integral Part of the Metropolitan Transformation Process: Case Studies from Lyon, Hamburg, and Gdańsk – Monika de Frantz: The ‘new’ Berlin: multiple spatial conceptions of the capital city in the ‘Palast der Republik’/‘Stadtschloss’ debate – Marco Bontje: Towards a sustainable post-suburbia? The sustainability of new economic centres in European metropolitan regions – Luiza Bialasiewicz: A society to match the scenery: ordering the spaces of the Veneto città diffusa – Alexander Horstmann: City of Angels? Lives and Struggles of Migrants in Bangkok – Karine Dupré: Globalisation and Urbanism: the case of a European peripheral region, Guadeloupe.