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World Trends in Environmental Education


Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Fernando J. Gonçalves and Walter Leal Filho

Contents: Ulisses M. Azeiteiro/Mário J. Pereira/Fernando Morgado/Walter Leal Filho/Fernando Gonçalves: World Trends in Environmental Education: Keynote Book Editorial – Walter Leal Filho: Some Aspects of Environmental Education in Member Countries of the European Union – Mark Paul Alderweireldt: Conferences on Environmental Education in Europe (CEEE) and networking EE in East Flanders (Belgium): from the European to the local level – Naim H. Afgan/Maria G. Carvalho: Distance Learning for Sustainability Education: Euro Courses in Multimedia Environment on Sustainability Assessment of Energy Systems – Jo Blakeley: Is it Green Enough? Evaluating Environmental Education programmes effectively – Joe E. Heimlich: Programme, Performance, and Professionalism: Improving the Field by Data – J. Guerreiro: Environmental Education: the Portuguese experience – Alexandre de Gusmão Pedrini: The National Public Policies with Environmental Education in Brazil: Evolution and Perspectives – Heila Lotz-Sisitka: Social Science as a Form of Social Praxis? A review of a selection of environmental education research in southern Africa – Helena Freitas: The Risk of Indifference: the ultimate challenge for environmental activists and society – Fernando Morgado: Teachers‘ Training, Education, and Social Development – M. Arminda Pedrosa: Environmental Education and Citizenship - Challenges for Scientific Communities and Science Teachers – Luísa Schmidt: Environmental Education - The Media and Fashion – Peter Hills: Education for Sustainable Development: An Asian Perspective – Walter Leal Filho: Towards a Modernisation of Environmental Education.