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Chemistry in the Philosophical Melting Pot


Danuta Sobczynska, Pawel Zeidler and Ewa Zielonacka-Lis

Contents: Jaap van Brakel: The Patchworks of Physics and Chemistry: Anomalous Monism and Interdiscourse Relations – Rein Vihalemm: The Problem of the Unity of Science and Chemistry – Hrvoj Vančik: Philosophy of Chemistry and Generalisation of the Concept of Complexity – Johann W. Buchler: Chemistry Seen as Molecular Architecture with a Note on the German Term «Stoff» – Michael Akeroyd: Susan Haack, Fuzzy Logic and the Classification of the Chemical Elements – Claus Jacob: The Use of Philosophy in Chemistry: Logical Aspects of Scientific Arguments in Everyday Research – Roman Mierzecki: The Diffused Meaning of Scientific Terms – Paweł Zeidler: The Semiotic Status of Structural Formulas and the Causal Theory of Reference – Joseph E. Earley, Sr.: On the Relevance of Repetition, Recurrence, and Reiteration – Johannes Hunger: Causal Discovery and the Problem of Automated Generation of Reaction Mechanisms – Sławomir Michalak: The Spark of Thought. On Thermodynamic Aspects of Neurochemical Research – Aldona Krupska: The Role of Autocatalytic Feedback in Chemical and Biochemical Processes – Ko Hojo: Theory, Synthesis, and Aromaticity - Planar or not Planar: [10]Annulene Problem – Ewa Zielonacka-Lis: How Philosophical Models of Explanation Fit Explanations in Modern Chemistry: Concluding Remarks – Valentin Vyazovkin: The Chemical Picture of Nature: Genesis and Evolution – Soledad Esteban: The Evolution of Scientific Ideas: a Way of Learning Chemistry – Vladimir Karpenko: The Chemical Background of Alchemical Recipes - Problems of Analysis – Piotr Warych: Chinese Alchemy. The Roots of Chemistry. Myths and Legends of China – Paul Needham: Generation and Destruction of Chemical Substances: An Exposition of the Aristotelian Conception – Joachim Schummer: Why Do Chemists Perform Experiments? – Danuta Sobczyńska: Research Apparatuses and Global Cognitive Changes in Science on the Example of Chemistry – Krystyna Kabzińska: The Atom in Philosophy, Physics and Chemistry by the End of 19th Century. Maria Skłodowska-Curie’s Work - the Key to Change in the Notion of Paradigm. Experiments, Intuition and Mind.