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Transculturality – Epistemology, Ethics, and Politics


Hans Jörg Sandkühler and Hong-Bin Lim

Contents: Maya Nadig: Transculturality in Progress. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects. Drawn from Cultural Studies and Psychoanalysis – Changrae Kim: Intercultural Understanding. A formal examination on cultural unity and plurality – Silja Freudenberger: Interculturalism, Transculturalism, and the Problem of ‘Meaning’ – Hong-Bin Lim: The Implications of Sceptic Culture. Reflections on the Pyrrhonic Tradition – Sungtaek Cho: Hermeneutic Pluralism of Wonhyo: A Buddhist Approach to the Diversity and Unity of Buddhist Doctrines – Hans Jörg Sandkühler: Pluralism, Cultures of Knowledge, Transculturality, and Fundamental Rights – Georg Mohr: The Concept of Legal Culture. Some Programmatic Thoughts – Georg Mohr: The Principle of Impartiality. Three Models: Moral, Social, Global – Carola von Villiez: Cultural Integrity and Human Rights. A four-level-model of legal culture – Carola von Villiez: On the Relevance of Public Reason for Democratic Peace – Seung-Hwan Lee: A Dialogue between Confucianism and Liberalism – Seung-Hwan Lee: Liberal Rights or/and Confucian Virtues? – Jong-Gook Kim: Golden Rule in Eastern Philosophy – Sungtaek Cho: Buddhism and Society: On Buddhist Engagement with Society.