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Discourses of Violence – Violence of Discourses

Critical Interventions, Transgressive Readings, and Post-National Negotiations


Dirk Wiemann, Agata Stopinska, Anke Bartels and Johannes Angermüller

Contents: Johannes Angermüller/Anke Bartels/Agata Stopinska/Dirk Wiemann: Violence of Discourses - Discourses of Violence: An Introduction – Dilek Kantar: Biblical Roots of the Discourse of Mass Destruction: Las Casas’ Devastation of the Indies – Dagmar Reichardt: The King Tumbles: Power and Violence in Cultural Conflicts – Maryna Romanets: Transgressive Violence, Mad Intertextuality, and Aesthetics of Convulsion – Arne de Boever: Architectures of Memory in W. G. Sebald’s Austerlitz – Claire Potter: In the Looking Glass: The Mythical Foundations of Domestic Violence – L.H.M. Ling: Neoliberal Neocolonialism: Comparing Enron with Asia’s «Crony Capitalism» – Soenke Zehle: Media Intervention: Too Late for Rwanda, Still Needed at Home – J. Carter Wood: The Process of Civilization (and its Discontents): Violence, Narrative and History – Holger Rossow: Notes on the Analysis of the Discourse of Globalism – Jens Greve: Understanding the Unity and the Diversity of the World: The Perspectives of World Society Theory and Globalisation Theory – Petra Kuppinger: War and Violence: Small Town Debates and Debaters – Ulf Schulenberg: Theorizing the Dialectic of Race and Class: Cornel West’s Prophetic Pragmatism as Radical Cultural Criticism – Katharina Peter: American Psycho: Violence as Abuse of Freedom – Jessica Baños Poo: Uncritical Fundamentalism in Political Philosophy? – Clara Ramírez-Barat: The Role of Forgiveness in Transitions to Democracy.