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Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology – A Contribution to Rivers Management


Walter Leal Filho, Dieter Greif and Bernd Delakowitz

Contents: Bernd Delakowitz: REACH - The Thorney Road to a Coherent European Chemicals Policy based on the Principles of Precaution and Sustainability – Günther Meinrath: Metrology for a Sustainable Development – Markus Will: Biotechnology and Chemistry towards Sustainable Development? Assessment with Life Cycle Tools – Antje Siol/Doris Sövegjarto-Wigbers: Thinking in Terms of Structure-Activity-Relationship - a Chance for more Sustainability in Chemistry – Annett Fuchs/Dieter Greif: Regenerating Raw Materials: Synthesis Potential for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry – Dieter Greif/Annett Fuchs: Investigations of Chemical Reactions with Long Reaction Times using a Microwave oven for Organic Syntheses – Hennie van de Coevering: Phosphate Recovery in the Context of Water Treatment Plants and the Phosphate Industry – Walter Leal Filho: Watersketch: Trends in Sustainable River Monitoring in the Baltic: Some Scenarios for Sustainable River Management – Martin Hofrichter/René Ullrich/Kari Steffen: Application of Fungi and Their Versatile Biocatalysts in Sustainable Technologies – Roland Schubert/Gerhard Müller-Starck: Bioindication via Monitoring Genetic Variation in Tree Populations: Tools Applicable under Stressful Environments – Adam Pawełczyk/Barbara Kołwzan/Kazimierz Grabas: Bioremediation of Grounds Polluted with Petroleum Products – Dobiesław Nazimek/Jerzy Niećko, Agnieszka Marcewicz-Kuba: Catalytic Method for SO2 and NOx removal.