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The Beginnings of Standardization

Language and Culture in Fourteenth-Century England


Ursula Schaefer

Contents: Ursula Schaefer: The Beginnings of Standardization: The Communicative Space in Fourteenth-Century England – Derek Pearsall: Before-Chaucer Evidences of an English Literary Vernacular with a Standardizing Tendency – Alastair Minnis: Standardizing Lay Culture: Secularity in French and English Literature of the Fourteenth Century – Julia Boffey: Forms of Standardization in Terms for Middle English Lyrics in the Fourteenth Century – David Trotter: Language Contact, Multilingualism, and the Evidence Problem – Annette Kehnel: Poets, Preachers and Friars Revisited: Fourteenth-Century Multilingual Franciscan Manuscripts – Terttu Nevalainen: Fourteenth-Century English in a Diachronic Perspective – Matti Rissanen: On the Development of Borrowed Connectives in Fourteenth-Century English: Evidence from Corpora – Donka Minkova: Randomness or Design in the Formation of a Standardized Phonemic Inventory – Robert P. Stockwell: The Status of Late Middle English Spellings as Early Evidence of the English Vowel Shift – Andrew James Johnston/Claudia Lange: The Beginnings of Standardization - An Epilogue.