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Innovative Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development


Walter Leal Filho and Mario Salomone

Contents: Walter Leal Filho/Mario Salomone: Innovative approaches to education for sustainable development – Mario Salomone: «Governance» and sustainable society the role of education in politics and the economy – Klaus Hübner: Learning to shape life – Antonella Bachiorri/Cristina Bondavalli/Alessandra Pugliesi/Silvia Selmi: Scuola 10 e lode, an environmental-certification project for schools in the Emilia Romagna Region (Italy) – Elisabetta Falchetti/Nicola Margnelli: Park, yes or no? A teaching experience on a socio-environmental conflict. Introduction and theoretical guide-lines – David B. Zandvliet/David R. Brown: Islands of discourse: case studies of an ecological framework for environmental education – Vienola Vuokko: Promoting environmental education at kindergarten level in Savonlinna, Finland and in Saku, Estonia – Chrysanthi Kadji-Beltran/Constantinos P. Constantinou/Petra Lindemann-Matthies/Zacharias Zacharia: Diversity in environmental education: the pre-service training of the primary school teachers – Monica Camuffo/Paola Minoia/Gabriele Zanetto/Gonzalo Malvarez: Educom@med: education in coastal management for the Mediterranean – Marco Rieckmann: Education for Sustainable Development in Preschool Institutions. Development and testing of a training concept for Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) – Elena Camino/Giuseppe Barbiero/Marta Angelotti/Laura Colucci-Gray: An innovative experience of training in sustainability, addressed to PhD students involved in environmental research – Arundhati Vishwasrao/Alaka Gadgil: Revitalizing the philosophy of the Gurukul System for effective Environmental Education – Shailesh Shukla/James S. Gardner: Community-based approaches to environmental education: lessons for socially critical education and biodiversity conservation – Heidi Mardon/Pamela Williams: Sustainable relationships. The key to the success of the New Zealand Enviroschools Programme – Eric Deche: Education for Sustainable Development learning for Sustainable Living in Kenya. A project of nature Kenya (East African Natural History Society) – Mary Murphy: From Ijoni to eco warrior: the impact of South Africa’s reconciliation on environmental education – Heila Lotz-Sisitka: Engaging ambivalence: Environment in South Africa’s new national curriculum statement – Giorgio Matricardi/Nello Agosta/Agostino Barletta/Barbara Comparini/Edoardo Canavese/Rita Porro: Urban green as a place of active citizenship practice: experiences in Genoa (Italy) – Kriszta Vásárhelyi/Gabriella Ádám: NGO contribution to realisation of governmental tasks in Environmental Education in Hungary – Sari Kemppainen: The YTV Waste Prevention Strategy 2007 – Jordi Segalàs/Didac Ferrer-Balas/Karel Mulder: Curriculum greening in engineering education. Experiences from Dutch and Spanish technological universities – João Luiz de Moraes Hoeffel/Almerinda Antonia Barbosa Ladini/Micheli Kowalczuk Machado/Jussara Christina Reis/Karina Andréa de Carvalho: Ideas of nature, tourism and environmental education. A study in the Cantareira system environmental protection area – Pio Russo Krauss/Guido Liotti/Aldo Aimone: Educational campaign about the plan against the acoustic pollution in Napoli (Italy) – Richard Kool/Elin Kelsey: Dealing with despair: the psychological implications of environmental issues – Shih-Tsen Liu/Matthew S. Kaplan/Huei-Hsu Wu: Effectiveness of an intergenerational approach for enhancing knowledge and improving attitudes toward the environment: study in the US and Taiwan – Aitor Albizu Intxausti/José Manuel Gutierrez Bastida: Self-regulation of attitudes in education for sustainable development – Theodore Alexiou/Yiannis