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Re/defining the Matrix

Reflections on Time – Space – Agency


Anke Bartels, Michael Schultze and Agata Stopinska

Contents: Agata Stopińska/Michael Schultze/Anke Bartels: (Un)Tying the Knot: Time - Space - Agency. An Introduction – Dagmar Reichardt: Mapping Sicily: From Postcoloniality to Neo-Metaphorization – Maria Antonietta Mariani: Engraving Space: Maps, a World-Body Portrait – Hogne Øian: Linear Time: The Enemy of the Unemployed – Steven Arxer/John Murhpy/Linda Belgrave: Globalization and the Politics of Time – Agata Stopińska: Genders in Flux: Polish and Irish Velocities of Doing Gender – Orly Benjamin/Sarit Sambol: Surviving Spatial Oppressions Over Time: Israeli Working Poor Women’s Localized Resistance – Agnieszka Kołodziej-Durnaś: Time, Space and Agency in a Life Project: Polish Students’ Reflexivity – Catarina Frois: Identification and Anonymity: Two Sides of the Same Coin – Steven Corcoran: Postulating Equality: Politics and Philosophy in the œuvre of Jacques Rancière – Dirk Wiemann: Mountaineering with Hobbes and Milton: (R)Enunciations of Seeing and Agency in Restoration England – Jatin Waglé: Resistant Forms and Critical Subjectivities: Reading Adorno in Our Times and Other Languages – Leena Petersen: Poetics of the Intrinsic: On Walter Benjamin’s Concept of Allegory – Rocío Orsi Portalo: Greek Tragedy and Poetic Agency – Ulf Schulenberg: Democratic Space and Poetic Agency: Emerson, Whitman, and the (Im)Possibility of Dissent – Holger Rossow: Time-Space Compression, Flexible Accumulation and the Problem of Political Agency in the Age of Globalisation – Tarja-Liisa Laaksonen: Situating Liberal «Organizational Development» and «Good Governance» Discourses in Globalisation and Political Contexts – Jörg Meyer: Agency Lost: Scientific Respectability and Real World Relevance as Pitfalls of Contemporary International Thought.