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Perspectives on Metonymy

Proceedings of the International Conference ‘Perspectives on Metonymy’, held in Łódź, Poland, May 6-7, 2005


Krzysztof Kosecki

Contents: Francisco J. Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez: High-Level Cognitive Models: In Search of a Unified Framework for Inferential and Grammatical Behavior – Roman Kalisz: Metonymy and Semantic Representations – Bogusław Bierwiaczonek: On Formal Metonymy – Mario Brdar: Where Have All the Metonymies Gone? – Tanja Gradečak-Erdeljić: Metonymic Links for ‘Master Metaphor’ – Antonio Barcelona: The Multi-Level Role of Metonymy in Grammar and Discourse: A Case Study – Lorena Pérez Hernández: High-Level Metonymies in the Understanding of Modality: A Cross-Linguistic Analysis – Michał Szawerna: Deverbal Nominalization as a Type of Metonymic Extension from Processes to Things – Dylan Glynn: Concept Delimitation, Frame Semantics, and Pragmatic Implicature. Issues for the Usage-Based Study of Metonymy – Rita Brdar-Szabó: The Role of Metonymy in Motivating Cross-Linguistic Differences in the Exploitation of Stand-Alone Conditionals as Indirect Directives – Kamila Ciepiela: Metonymy in Aphasia – Gabrijela Buljan/Tanja Gradečak-Erdeljić: ‘By Word of Mouse’: Metonymy and Conceptual Integration in Idiom Modifications – Marcin Grygiel: Metonymic Projection as a Major Factor in the Rise of English Historical Synonyms of ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ – Krzysztof Kosecki: Some Remarks on Metonymy in Compounding – Goran Milić/Dubravka Vidaković: Referential Metonymy of the Type Capital-for-Government in Croatian – Johan Nordlander: The Metonymic Element in Krio Conceptualization: The Cases of BIF and BUSH – Dorota Śliwa: Metonymic Inferences Related to the Compound Noun ‘Public Opinion’ – Alina Kwiatkowska: Pre-Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Metonymy – Alexander Soloshenko: Metaphor and Metonymy in Biblical Proper Names – Marek Kuźniak: Part-Whole Relations in the Selected Epigrams by J. Sztaudynger – Sylwia Dżereń-Głowacka: Beating Up Intelligence: Metonymy in Terry Pratchett’s Novels – Jarosław Płuciennik: Princess Antonomasia, Individualism, and the Quixotism of Culture: A Case of ‘Tristram Shandy’ by Laurence Sterne.