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National Socialism in Oceania

A Critical Evaluation of its Effect and Aftermath


Emily Turner-Graham and Christine Winter

Contents: Christine Winter/Emily Turner-Graham: Introduction – Emily Turner-Graham: ‘The Forest is the Original Home of the German Soul’: Die Brücke and the Complexities of Finding a Racial Landscape – James N. Bade: Count Felix von Luckner’s 1938 «Propaganda» Visit to New Zealand and its Consequences – Christine Winter: The NSDAP Stronghold Finschhafen, New Guinea – Barbara Winter: Arnold von Skerst: Servant of Two Masters – Thomas Poole: An Almost Innocent Association: Russians and Fascism in Queensland (1935-1945) – Gianfranco Cresciani: A not so Brutal Friendship. Italian Responses to National Socialism in Australia – Andrew Moore: The Nazification of the New Guard: Colonel Campbell’s Fascist Odyssey, 1933-1938 – Georgina Fitzpatrick: ‘A fellow of slogans and attitudes’: Leslie Cahill, National Socialism and the Australia First Movement – Paul R. Bartrop: «Authority can take no risks»: Australia and the Internment of Enemy Aliens during the Second World War – Ann Beaglehole: Locked up and Guarded ‘Lest [They] Escaped to Help their Mortal Enemies’ Jewish Internees in New Zealand during the Second World War – Helga Griffin: At Home in Exile: Ambiguities of War-time Patriotism – Andrew G. Bonnell: Stephen Roberts and the Nazi Threat, 1938-39 – John Moses: The Church of England in Australia, Nazi Germany and the Reception of Jewish Refugees – Suzanne D. Rutland: Nazis Unwelcome! The Jewish Community and the 1950s German Migration Scheme – Olga Hedwig Janice Krause (Leafa Wilson): Ich Heiße Olga Hedwig Krause: Deutsche Künstlerin - My Name is Olga Hedwig Krause: German Artist.