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African Perspectives: Pre-colonial History, Anthropology, and Ethnomusicology


Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann and Michael Weber

Contents: Moya Aliya Malamusi: Akaning’a and his travels – Donald Hopkins: Smallpox in history. A contribution to pre-colonial history in Africa – Giorgio Adamo: Music - body - movement. An «African» perspective applied to the analysis of South Italian dances – Albert Ssempeke: Autobiographical note by a court musician – Sarah Sekintu: Buganda’s history according to oral tradition – Maliya Moya Malamusi: Zopeka ndi zochitika - Fiction and non-fiction – Kayombo Kachinyeka: Konkha vya vanda - Search for the Hidden. Luchazi culture in historical perspective – Moses Yotamu: Chiyao Chieftainship and Initiation Ceremonies. A field report from Chief Makanjila’s village, Lake Malawi – Pancho Guedes: Lomwe initiation masks. Description of seven examples from the collection of Dori and Pancho Guedes with an introduction – Moya Aliya Malamusi: Musical bows in South-East Africa – William Umbima: Art in music: Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa – Stanley Glasser: The condition of decay in contemporary West European «classical» music – Artur Simon: Nubian music in the Northern Sudan and the Southern Egypt. Research and recordings from 1973-2003 – David Evans: Patterns of reinterpretation in African-American music of the United States – Theodore Albrecht: African, autobiographical, and earlier operatic elements in Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha – Ruth M. Stone: Inscribing history and culture in the Woi epic. Migration of the Kpelle people, performance, and the Kingdom of Mali – Kenichi Tsukada: Asafo and fɔntɔmfrɔm as indices of social sentiments among the Fante (Ghana) – George T. Nurse: Pre-colonial colonialism in Central and Southern Africa – George Fortune: Aspects of life among the Shawasha of pre-Rhodesian days. A selection from a manuscript by Simon Tawoneyi – Mitchel Strumpf: African music history until the start of Independence and the history of some other world music traditions: a design for a course of study of African history, anthropology, and ethnomusicology.