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Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

Consultant: Lena Springer


Friedrich G. Wallner, Gertrude Kubiena and Martin J. Jandl

Contents: Lu Guangxin: The fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine – Fritz Wallner/Florian Schmidsberger: How to research TCM? – Zhang Qicheng: The Cultural Characteristics of Chinese Medical Terminology and its Comparative Analysis in the Context of Western Medicine – Fritz Wallner: Comment to Zhang Qicheng’s Contribution – Gertrude Kubiena: Teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine outside China - A Challenge for Teachers – Lan Fengli: Who Translated Huang Di Nei Jing: Influence of Translator’s Subjectivities on Its Translation – Lan Fengli: The Origin and Translation of Qi, Yin-Yang and Wu Xing in TCM – Wang Xin-Yuan/Pu Gong-Ying: Lemology in Traditional Chinese Medicine: With Prevention and Treatment of SARS as A Case in Point.