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Poland on its Way to a Federal State?


Armin Bohnet

Contents: Lars Ponterlitschek: The Theory of Fiscal Federalism – Lars Ponterlitschek: Fiscal Decentralization - Problems and Special Requirements for Transition Economies – Magdalena Godek/Radosław Witczak/Tomasz Uryszek: Deconcentration, Decentralization, Federalism: Terms and Definitions in the Polish Literature – Lars Ponterlitschek: Analysis and Evaluation of the Polish Fiscal System - The Task and Expenditure Side – Lars Ponterlitschek: Social Security System in Poland - Description and Analysis of the Current System – Radosław Witczak: Revenue Assignment in Poland – Tomasz Uryszek/Lars Ponterlitschek: Intergovernmental Transfers in Poland - Legal Framework – Marta Mackiewicz/Elżbieta Malinowska-Misiąg/Marcin Tomalak: The Self-Government Units in Poland Financial Data – Piotr Bury: Limitations on the Fiscal Policy of a Local Government – Andreas Kienemund: The Federal Financial Equalisation System in Germany – Wolfgang Scherf/Kai Hofmann: The Local Fiscal Constitution in Germany - An Overview – Stefan Schäfer/Ivo Bischoff: Unemployment Insurance and Micro-Level Labor Market Policy in a Federal State - Theoretical Considerations and the German Experience – Lars Ponterlitschek: Reform Proposals for the Polish Fiscal Equalization System Derived from the Theory of Fiscal Federalism – Tomasz Uryszek/Radosław Witczak: Proposals for the Improvement of the Polish Local Finance System – Wojciech Misiąg/Marcin Tomalak: Self-Government Finance Recommendations for Poland.