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Musical Listening Habits of College Students in Finland, Slovenia, South Africa, and Texas

Similarities and Differences


Leon Stefanija, Nico Schüler, Tuomas Eerola and Reiko Graham

Contents: Reiko Graham/Nico Schüler/Leon Stefanija: Musical Listening Habits of College Students: A Foreword – Mirjana Veselinović-Hofman: A Profile of the Academically Educated Music Listener in Pretoria as Seen Through Responses of Non-Music Students to a Questionnaire – Leon Stefanija: Listening to Music Among Slovenian Students and Staff in the Humanities – Tuomas Eerola: Musical Taste and Attitudes of a Finnish Listener Educated in Humanities – Nico Schüler: Selected Aspects of Musical Listening Habits of A College Population in Texas – Reiko Graham/Vanessa Nering: Toward Synthesis: Examination of Questionnaire Structure, Regional Differences and Future Directions – Leon Stefanija: From Musical Listening to Musical Meaning: A Socio-Psychological Note on Listening to (Modern) Music.