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God at Ground Level

Reappraising Church Decline in the UK Through the Experience of Grass Roots Communities and Situations


Peter Cruchley-Jones

Contents: Werner Ustorf: Introduction – Martin D. Stringer: Chatting with Gran at her Grave: Ethnography and the Definition of Religion – Gwen Collins: What makes academics tick? – John Burgess: Detecting the Presence of God: Spirituality in a Birmingham church – John Hall: The demise of the institution - the rise of primal religious experience. Insights from twenty-first century youth congregations – Peter McGrail: Reforming Liturgy or Stripping Tradition? – Mark S. Hathorne: God’s City in Wolverhampton – Peter Cruchley-Jones: ‘Like a frog in water slowly being brought to boil?’ Listening for donkeys in the Church in Urban Britain – Peter Cruchley-Jones: Findings. One foot in the grave?