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Good Governance and Developing Countries

Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Kerstin Kötschau and Thilo Marauhn

Contents: Stephen Knack: Governance and Growth – Johann Graf Lambsdorff: Good Governance and the Invisible Foot – Walter Gropp: Ursachen und Auswirkungen von Korruption – Gabi Hesselbein: Good Governance in fragilen Staaten: Konzepte, Fallstricke, Erfahrungen – Thilo Marauhn: The Promotion of Good Governance in Fragile States – Albrecht Stockmayer: Can Good Governance Overcome its Technocratic Bias? – Augustine Magolowondo: Democratisation Aid as a Research Agenda: The Quest for an Electic Theoretical Approach – Gudrun Benecke: External Imposition or Locally Embedded? - Examining Practices of Local Democratic Development Support by Selected External Actors in the Jordanian Context – Michael Teig: Good Governance in Public Finance: Case Study Uzbekistan.